I recently came across this photo of a “bridal shower” for Shannon Watkins circa 1960. It shows a group of friends formed easily by dormitory room location. Perhaps more interesting is that 13 in this photograph have committed to attending to our 50th class reunion. No longer does this have anything to do with dormitory room location but everything to do with the kind of friendships we were collectively able to forge on the Lawrence campus.

ps.  I still look exactly the same.


62 Beanie

I discovered my 62 beanie has only one little moth hole in it. Not bad for 54 years of neglect. Perhaps it can be an icon for the upcoming reunion. After all it is still bright and readable, a little fuzzy and slightly wrinkled, has been around the campus more than a few times, but it still fits!


Hello Lawrence Class of 1962!

This blog is designed to help keep our Lawrence Class of 1962 in communication and somewhat updated with each other prior to the reunion.

Congratulations!!! To have found your way to this site indicates you have acquired a certain sophisticated facility with contemporary technology. This is impressive when you consider the most sophisticated communication tools we had available during our days at Lawrence were a typewriter, the telephone down the hall, and one television “set” somewhere in each building.

I personally look forward to seeing if and how this collective blog will unfold. Everyone is encouraged to re-introduce themselves by posting in the comment box. Feel free to add observations, comments or updates on your personal journey since the time we tried to cram into one telephone booth on College Avenue. Fifty years of post graduate life experience should facilitate a interesting assortment of perspectives as well as life stories. If you have any image to share, (and we love images!) please email it to me so that I can add it to your post.

I invite you all to BLOG, Blog, blog. .. .

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