I recently came across this photo of a “bridal shower” for Shannon Watkins circa 1960. It shows a group of friends formed easily by dormitory room location. Perhaps more interesting is that 13 in this photograph have committed to attending to our 50th class reunion. No longer does this have anything to do with dormitory room location but everything to do with the kind of friendships we were collectively able to forge on the Lawrence campus.

ps.  I still look exactly the same.


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  1. Hi Mary,
    I’m not in the picture, because I was married in 1960—-and I don’t still look the same! George and I are coming to Appleton for the Thursday night dinner, so I’m looking forward to seeing you and others. I’m sorry we aren’t able to stay through the weekend, but a glimpse will be fun. See you next week. Linda Mayhew Carey

  2. Thanks for the picture. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Glad you look the same. Then I’ll know you!!!

  3. Thanks for the names under the photo!!! I knew you lied…. Went to the Monmouth College Art Gallery for new show (we live a block away). Gallery was packed with viewers – all about 72, elegantly dressed and coiffed, huge friendly smiles, roving eyes – trying to avoid focusing on the navel-length lanyards hanging from necks. It was their 50th College Reunion. Lesson learned: JUST ASK! or better yet, begin your intro with your name!
    I still look the sam…..e….. lightening is …..strikin….g….

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